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BC Steelhead

Without a doubt- the premier sport fish of British Columbia is the Steelhead.  Steelhead are the ocean going cousin of the Rainbow Trout.  They maintain all characteristics of their freshwater relatives, and can only be distinguished by the act of traveling to the ocean to grow and feed before returning to their natal stream to spawn.
Although the Steelhead is not a Salmon, their life history and characteristics that apply to angling closely resemble that of the Atlantic Salmon.  As with Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead sometimes make the trip from river to sea numerous times.  Many of these return spawners have legendary size and strength.

There are two types of Steelhead that return to the rivers of southern British Columbia; 

The Summer run Steelhead can make it’s return starting in June, with some strains returning as late as December to the more interior rivers of the Fraser watershed.  Summer runs are noted for their aggressive behavior towards all an angler has to offer, and the strong acrobatic fight that ensues. The summer Steelhead returns to the rivers far from sexually mature, and will often hold in the river as long as 12 months before spawning.  This makes them a very willing biter, with most anglers believing that they do indeed feed while awaiting spring spawning.

The Winter Steelhead start arriving in late November and continue to appear until spring freshet floods the rivers in May.  Winter Steelhead arrive silver and beautiful with clear fins and black backs.  These are one of the most beautiful Salmonids to swim our rivers.  The Winter Steelhead typically arrives quite ready to spawn and much more sexually mature than its summer cousins.  Females often sport plump bellies full of eggs, and males are quick to form colored sides and kyped beaks, as spawning is just weeks to a few months away.  As the Winter Steelhead arrives during the river’s coldest months, they can be more difficult to catch as far as the angler is concerned.  To illicit a strike from these magnificent fish, the Winter Steelhead demands a good presentation placed close to them, due to their lowered metabolism.

Bent Rods Guiding is very committed to angling for Steelhead.  Our guides fish for Steelhead year round both while guiding and in our spare time.  Aside from this, we do volunteer work for the Fresh Water Fisheries branch.  We capture live Steelhead to be used for wild broodstock hatchery programs which provides future angling for these stunning fish.

Starting in late January we provide fishing trips for the beautiful Winter Steelhead, on a handful of local Fraser Valley rivers.  Whether you are interested in a one day trip to help hone your skills at reading water and presenting various lures and baits- or a week long vacation of visiting numerous watersheds and sampling some of the great rivers in the Fraser Valley, Bent Rods can provide you with the trip of a lifetime!
Our Winter Steelhead season stays strong into late April, and with the warm spring weather, March and April are the most sought after dates.
Please give us a call if you would like to learn more about our Steelhead trips or inquire about our multi day trips.  We arrange all accommodations and can supply lunches.  As these months are considered off-season (although not to the passionate Steelheader), accommodation rates are very affordable.
These magnificent fish are found in all manner of locations.  Some spots have easy access, while others are extremely challenging, so please notify us of any mobility issues when booking your trip.

Summer Steelheading starts in late June and continues until the late Fall.  As these fish are found in waters difficult to access, all anglers must be in good physical condition and must be able to hike in and out of canyon type waters.  The fish are spectacular fighters and well worth the effort to reach them.

Bent Rods can supply all gear from two handed fly rods to centrepin reels.  We also have level wind set ups and even spinning reels for those that favor them.  We supply all rain gear and waders, and use only the finest equipment from top name brands.

BC Steelhead Fishing Guide- Rod Toth

In our passionate pursuits of the elusive Steelhead, Bent Rods has adopted Jig fishing as our number one method!  We have been creating highly successful jigs for anglers throughout the Lower Mainland, and make the finest Steelhead and Salmon jigs that money can buy.  Tested by professional guides on local waters, you’ll find that our jigs withstand the abuse of our hardest fighting game fish, and are designed to catch fish in all of the various conditions that we encounter.

Steelhead JigsAt Bent Rods we are confident that we are the leading competitors when it comes to catching Steelhead and float fishing Jigs.  Decades spent mastering float fishing, and countless hours on the water fishing jigs, has enabled us to get inside the Steelhead mind.  The variety of situations experienced has inspired our invention and perfection of techniques to catch these fish in all waters under all conditions.

Our one day jig fishing course will vastly improve any angler’s chances at consistently hooking Steelhead and fast track your success at catching these superb game fish.
Fishing jigs for Steelhead is not just a deadly technique, but it is also one of the simplest techniques to use, requiring little gear and investment on the part of the angler... So simple that our guides often use no other technique, and consistently catch fish where others fail.
From high and turbid water to the lowest and clearest of flows, floating jigs is a fantastic technique that all should try.

If catching Steelhead and learning the techniques of professional Steelhead guides is of interest to you, please give us a call!

Imagine yourself deep in a moss covered canyon, with the sound of cascading waterfalls all around.  As your float silently travels down the pool, your guide, from high atop his perch whispers “here he comes”.  You brace yourself, awaiting the disappearance of your float.  Just as the guide yells “he’s got it” your float plunges under and a silver missile of 10 pounds explodes from the water, then splashes back down sending echoes throughout the steep walled corridor. 
This is exactly the type of experience than is repeated time and again with Bent Rods Steelhead trips!  Come join Bent Rods and make that Steelhead dream a reality.  Please check out our Steelhead Photos from previous trips!

BC Steelhead Fishing

Number of People

Price (CAD)

1 person $299.00
2 people $399.00

  • Maximum 2 people per guide

  • During peak season (August 1st to November 15th) all Walk 'N Wade trips will be charged at Salmon trip rates

  • All prices do not include tax, the cost of fishing licenses or accommodations.

  • Non refundable 50% deposit must be made at the time of booking.

  • 7 days notice must be given to reschedule one day trips.

  • 30 days notice must be given to reschedule multiple day trips.

  • All trips are 8 hours long, however we have been known to stay out much longer if fishing demands it.

  • Our guides will take photos for the clients to receive in emails.

  • Packed lunches are available. At $15.00 each, it's a great value. Lunches are custom made by our local deli.  Please specify any allergies or foods that you do not like.

  • Water, Juice and Coffee or Tea by request are included.  

Please note that pricing is updated regularly.  Prices are subject to adjustments at anytime.  Accurate pricing will be confirmed clearly before all payment processing.

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