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BC Sockeye/Red Salmon Fishing

Oncorhynchus Nerka
Sockeye/Red Salmon Fishing near Vancouver BC
Without a doubt one of the finest and most abundant gamefish of the Fraser Valley is the sockeye salmon. Once considered a non biting species of salmon, techniques were developed to intercept these salmon on their northward migration. These techniques involved swinging a heavily weighted line through schools of these migrating salmon.
With incredibly long leaders and sharp hooks, the result was foul hooked salmon, not sporting at all in our opinion. This technique was known as flossing and unfortunately has spread like a disease in the Fraser valley angling community, being used to intercept all species.
At Bent Rods guiding, we feel it is our obligation to provide fantastic sport fishing opportunities to our clients and that snagging fish hardly falls into this category.
Sockeye/Red Salmon Fishing near Vancouver BC
As the Sockeye start their migration thru the summer, the Fraser River is often very turbid and enticing sockeye to bite in this dirty water has been a work in progress.
For now we stick to targeting the much more aggressive Chinook(King) salmon and are satisfied having sockeye bite our setups as a bonus. We are constantly working on techniques to attract the summer sockeye, but have yet to find a technique that is productive enough to warrant our undivided attention. When we do find the key to this fishery our clients will be first to enjoy the rewards, so please stay tuned.
Sockeye/Red Salmon Fishing near Vancouver BC
That being said, in the early fall, another run of sockeye salmon enters the Fraser system and these fish are headed for the Harrison river and her various tributaries. During the return of the Harrison sockeye the river runs clear and in these normally pristine waters the sockeye are fantastic biters if you have the correct method.
At Bent Rods guiding we have spent hundreds of hours fine tuning our methods, and the result is a method so easy and so productive, that most days we lose track of hook ups as they come so fast and furious.
This fishery is just evolving and Bent Rods can introduce you to some of the finest fishing the Fraser valley has to offer. This fishery is a catch and release situation and as such, it is not subjected to the mass throng of anglers associated with “meat” fishing.
Most often we will be the only boats working this water and huge schools of sockeye will be swarming around the boat and quite often takes are visual and exciting to witness.
Sockeye/Red Salmon Fishing near Vancouver BC
Imagine a sunny September morning, anchored in a beautiful stretch of aqua blue water, schools of Sockeye breaking the surface and birds of all manner flying overhead. As you peer off to the deeper water close by, a nine foot Sturgeon breaches the water, and your heart skips a beat. Under the boat there is a big commotion as a slick shiny seal cruises by picking out select sockeye for their share of the bounty. Just as you realize you’ve been lost in the beauty of your surroundings, a silver bright sockeye, catapaults from the water, sporting a “Bent Rods” piece of lip jewelry, the fight is on, and amazing acrobatic sockeye is proof you are in fishing heaven.
Sockeye/Red Salmon Fishing near Vancouver BC
From late August till early October, the Harrison River teems with these high flying sockeye salmon.  Let Bent Rods be your ticket to this adventure of a lifetime!

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  • Non refundable 50% deposit must be made at the time of booking.

  • 7 days notice must be given to reschedule one day trips.

  • 30 days notice must be given to reschedule multiple day trips.

  • All trips are 8 hours long, however we have been known to stay out much longer if fishing demands it.

  • Our guides will take photos for the clients to receive in emails.

  • Packed lunches are available. At $15.00 each, it's a great value. Lunches are custom made by our local deli. 
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