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BC Fishing Reports

Fraser River Valley Fishing Report 

2011 Fraser Valley Fishing Forecast;
A look ahead to the many fisheries available to anglers in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia for the 2011 season
(March 1st 2011)

January- February
The new year brings in the first good pushes of Winter Steelhead. These silver bright missiles are without doubt one of the top gamefish in the world. Typical early season steelheading is wet and cold, so always come prepared. Finding Steelhead is the key, as they are willing & great biters; so if you can find them, they will bite most typical Steelhead offerings.

March- April
Winter Steelheading continues to be excellent in these months.  More fish and better weather make it a popular springtime fishery. For fly anglers this is the time when the Winter Steelhead becomes most vulnerable to swung flies.

Another popular springtime fishery is fly fishing for Cutthroat Trout. As fry begin to emerge from the gravel of rivers, the Cutthroat and Bull Trout of the Fraser Valley become tenacious feeders. Sloughs and backwaters of the Fraser are great places to locate these feeding Trout.

The coming of warmer weather also signals the Fraser River White Sturgeonís urge to feed. By late March some great Sturgeon fishing is available and continues through the rest of the year.

May- June
With Winter Steelhead pretty much finished, other than the Chilliwack River fly fishing only opening, anglers will now look elsewhere for good fishing.

Trout fishing for Cutthroat and Bull Trout is now in full swing for fry feeding fish and will continue strong until the Fraser River gets too dirty to fish from spring run off.

Small lakes will now begin to fish well and while itís not trophy fishing- some decent sport can be had.

Sturgeon Fishing becomes extremely good as the big fish are now fully feeding on the Oolichans (smelts) that are in the river. Longer days and warmer weather make this a very popular and productive time to head out Sturgeon fishing.

July- August
With most rivers now reopened after spring closure, the Fraser Valley presents some opportunities to catch Salmon.
A number of rivers have small runs of Summer Chinook that enter smaller rivers in July.
The most popular of these fisheries is the Chilliwack/ Vedder River with a decent run of Chinook produced at the hatchery to provide a summer fishery. These are very hard fighting fish with good eating quality if caught early in their return.
The Fraser River also has runs of Summer Chinook travelling through her waters, fishing for them is dependent on whether it is opened by the DFO and if the Fraser is not too muddy from spring run off.
Sockeye Salmon also begin their return in the Summer and DFO decides yearly on whether this fishery will be opened or not.

Also entering rivers in these summer months is summer Steelhead.  These hard fighting bullets are not easy to find and much exploration must happen for an angler to be adept at catching them. Some rivers that see Summer Steelhead returns are subject to closures so always investigate fully before heading out.

Trout fishing is still going strong and with some prime Trout rivers reopening, the fly angler can have great sport in the summertime.

Sturgeon Fishing remains strong and the summer months will see some extremely large specimens of the Fraser begin to feed heavily on Salmon parts.
With Bent Rodsí consistent catch of many huge Sturgeon in the summer- this is certainly one of our most popular Sturgeon fishing timeframes.

September- October
Salmon season is in full swing now, Chinook Fishing will be excellent during these months for both Summer run Fraser fish and local stocks of the HUGE White Chinook.
There are many ways to catch these hard fighting Chinook Salmon and our Bent Rods Spinners are quickly becoming a Fraser Valley favorite for catching trophy Chinook.

September is Pink Salmon time and with 40 Million Salmon destined for the Fraser Valley, this is without a doubt the best time to get out if you just want to catch chrome bright Pinks all day long! Simple Bent Rods Grub jigs fished on a trout rod is all you need to catch these feisty little Salmon in almost any situation.

Late September is when Coho Salmon fishing will begin to heat up. These great sportfish are easily caught with many methods of angling and in recent years they have been more abundant, which is great to see. At Bent Rods we do boat fishing trips for Coho Salmon where anglers will cast lures on light tackle to often visible schools of Coho Salmon, definitely a very popular fishery for our guides. The Coho fishing will remain strong well into November in many Rivers of the Fraser valley.

Another October Favorite is the Chum Salmon. These large, hard fighting brutes can be found in many Rivers in the Fraser Valley and without a doubt the greatest method for catching them is with a Float rod set up and a jig. Sore arms are the order of the day when fishing for Chum Salmon. Bent Rods not only makes the hottest jigs for Chum Salmon fishing but our guides are experts at putting anglers on top of large runs of these extremely hard fighting Salmon.

Sturgeon Fishing is also fantastic during the September-October time frame. Some huge Sturgeon are caught every fall and some days anglers cannot keep up with the frantic action, and beg our guides to try other types of fishing as they are unable to reel in anymore Sturgeon.

November- December
While Salmon season begins to wrap up there are still some great opportunities to target Coho Salmon and Chum salmon in the Fraser Valley. At Bent Rods we are still very busy guiding anglers from around the globe for November Salmon and with heaters in the boats and few anglers on the water it is one of our most sought after trips.
December usually signals the end of our Salmon year and we spend this month with our families and preparing for Winter Steelhead which will enter rivers in early mid December.

Sturgeon also continue to fish well all through November, with few anglers on the water, a November Sturgeon outing can be a fish filled adventure in a very serene setting.
December marks the end of our Sturgeon year, we still provide trips when weather permits, but mostly it is a time to clean boats and reflect on the great year of Sturgeon fishing behind us.

I hope this Fraser Valley Fishing forecast helps anglers to plan some fishing outings during 2011.  With recreational time at a minimum in our busy lives, having your timing right is often the key to success.
Feel free to contact us at Bent Rods if you wish to discuss fish run timing in more detail.

Have a great 2011, tight lines and Bent Rods!

~ Rod Toth

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