BC Fishing Articles

BC Fishing Articles

Simplicity & Success- Jig Fishing for Steelhead
While catching steelhead is not often associated with simplicity, many anglers are learning that the simple method of float fishing jigs can be very successful.  No one is quite sure when and who was first to discover that Steelhead love to eat jigs, but most fingers point to the Cowlitz River...
Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing British Columbia Canada

Till your arms Hurt- Fall Fishing the Fraser Valley
Fall time in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia is one of the great wonders of the world.
Here, on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Vancouver, is a gathering of life seldom seen in our modern world.  As summer turns to fall the Pacific Salmon make their massive return to once again seed the rivers from which they were born.  It is a gathering for many species...

Fraser Valley Fly Fishing

The Fraser Valley- A Fly Fishers Paradise
The Fraser Valley of British Columbia is world renowned for its lush forests and beautiful scenery, but for the fly fisherman there is so much more.
The Fraser Valley in January is normally cold and wet; temperatures are typically between 2-10 degrees with the odd colder spell...

jig fishing Salmon and Steelhead

Jigs- A Deadly Lure For Salmon & Steelhead
Over the last few years the use of jigs in BC waters has really taken off. Many anglers who are having success with this lure are hesitant to share their knowledge, as sharing their new discoveries might lead to less success they might feel...

float fishing spinners for Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Spinners Under A Float
Fishing spinners is a very popular way of catching salmon and steelhead ,in this article I will try and explain the method many experienced anglers have found works extremely well and keeps you from losing spinners and keeps you fishing more...
steelhead fishing Sight Fishing
Just some quick info here to get you on your way to a successful day of sight fishing for Salmon or Steelhead in your favorite river or creek.
First off, of utmost importance is wearing dark camouflage clothing. Browns, olive, dark grey and even full camo is necessary under most spot and stalk conditions...
steelhead broodstock fishing Giving Back-Broodstock Collection
At Bent Rods we believe that giving back to the resources that we partake in is as important as getting outside to enjoy them which is why we volunteer hundreds of hours every year to various organizations in the Fraser Valley Such as the Greater Georgia Basin Steelhead Recovery Plan...
float fishing Salmon and Steelhead

Float Fishing - By Rod Toth
Although float fishing has been used for hundreds of years and throughout the world, the type I will speak of is used in Freshwater rivers throughout North America for catching Salmon, Steelhead, Trout and Char. Sometimes known as drift fishing, I prefer to use the term Float fishing as drift fishing really involves no float..

jig fishing steelhead

Jig Fishing Winter Steel
There's nothing more relaxing than spending a day outside in the crisp morning air surrounded by snow covered mountains beside a briskly flowing river. Nothing can elevate this scene with adrenalin filled action for the winter angler faster than a chrome winter steelhead...

jig fishing Steelhead

Jigs for Steelhead!
Steelhead, just mention the word to any dedicated angler and visions of ballistic chrome fish peeling line at an unrelenting rate come instantly to mind. Steelhead are most definitely the powerhouses of our winter rivers. Sleek and aggressive yet scarce and shy at the...

jig fishing Steelhead

Low Water Steelhead Fishing
The day dawned crisp and clear as it had for the past two weeks. The winter rivers were at their lowest and coldest that we were probably going to see this year yet my enthusiasm for hitting the river was at a all time high. I have learned to crave the times of extreme low water since I have learned the power of the jig...

jig fishing Steelhead

Jigs for Summer Run Steelhead
Its first light on a late June day, cool enough to need an light jacket but warm enough to be comfortable in jeans. The vibrant colours of spring are still strong on the forest growth and the summer steelhead is making its way into the runoff enlarged rivers that the fish call home...

jig fishing Sockeye Salmon

Old Man River – The Sportsdesk Goes a Fishin’
Our guide was fond of his jet-boat. It was a 22 foot welded aluminum sled with enough power to send it skipping up river along the surface at a terrifying rate. The Fraser was a thick and dark river that morning, like a murky, creamy run of cocoa...

salmon and steelhead float fishing

Advanced Float Fishing Concepts
Steelhead and Salmon float fishing is often referred to as being an “easy” method for new anglers to catch fish. I agree with this summation, however to become an expert float fisherman, it is every bit as difficult to master as other techniques.
I hope to shed light on some things I have found to be important pieces to the float fishing puzzle...

steelhead Steelhead Broodstock- Fishing For the Future
A 4x4 speeds up a gravel road on a cold, crisp, February morning. Inside are two hardcore steelhead bums and a DFO employee from the local hatchery.  In the back of the truck are two very specialized rafts sporting custom built tanks for carrying live fish...
bc sturgeon fishing Fraser River- Early Spring Sturgeon Fishing
Spring angling for Fraser River Sturgeon can be some of the greatest Sturgeon fishing of the year.
The fish are very hungry, full of vigor and the occasional fish will take to the sky with aerial battles that leave anglers breathless and amazed at this ancient species...
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