Steelhead Jigs & Salmon Jigs

About Bent Rods Jigs

Bent Rods Guiding & Fishing Co. is proud to make available, top quality hand tied Jigs, made from the finest materials and components found on today's market!

Steelhead JIgs & Salmon Jigs

The use of Jigs for catching Salmon and Steelhead is not a new idea, but in the last few years, more and more anglers have been using them and often with results previously only found using bait. One of the big drawbacks to using commercially available Jigs is the poor quality of hooks and materials and often poor design. At Bent Rods we have constantly been searching for top quality Jigs to use in our daily guiding operations. This eventually led to tying our own Jigs and discovering what Jigs really worked, day after day, all year long. After years of testing different products and styles of Jigs, we have created what we believe to be the best Jigs money can buy, at an affordable price.

Steelhead Jig Fishing

Another aspect of Jig fishing that many are not familiar with, is the amazing ability Jig hooks have, to increase an anglers fish landing ratio. At Bent Rods, we were completely astonished at how well Jig hooks held, even the most acrobatic and hard fighting Salmon and Steelhead. Because a Jig sits at a right angle to your line, it provides an added pull that many hook styles cannot, thus increasing pressure on the fish and helping keep the hook buried. This same angled pull contributes to bent Jig hooks, and anyone who has fished cheap or undersized Jigs, can relate to losing fish from straightened hooks. Another reason to buy only the best Jigs money can buy. At Bent Rods we currently tie our Jigs using Gamakatsu and Matzuo hooks.

Steelhead Jig Fishing

With new products and materials becoming available all the time, Jig fishing is always evolving. Our goal at Bent Rods is keep our customers at the leading edge of Jig fishing and fish catching. For more information about Jig fishing and the various techniques involved, check out our Jig Fishing Articles.


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