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Guided Fishing for Sturgeon, Salmon, Steelhead & Trout in the Fraser River area British Columbia, Canada

Bent Rods Guiding & Fishing Co. provides year round Sports Fishing for Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Trout in the Fraser River Valley of British Columbia, Canada- one hour from Vancouver.

Our BC fishing guides fish the Fraser River, Harrison River, Chilliwack/Vedder River, and many other Southern BC rivers and lakes.

We operate state of the art jet boats and fishing crafts, and are fully insured and first aid trained.

We offer guided fishing trips in the Fraser River Valley by boat and on foot, and can accommodate any number of fishermen: from a single angler, to large corporate group derbies.  Bent Rods will ensure your comfort at one of our lodging options that best suits your needs: from our fisherman's country guest house, local hotels, and first class resorts.

Call us today for an exciting Fraser River Valley Fishing Adventure on the world's greatest Salmon Angling Rivers!

Salmon Jigs & Steelhead Jigs Bent Rods Steelhead Jigs & Salmon Jigs

Bent Rods Salmon and Steelhead Jigs are built to catch the hardest fighting gamefish on the planet. 
Our Jigs are made with top quality Gamakatsu hooks, solid brass beads, and the finest tying materials available. 
Bent Rods Jigs are designed by top BC fishing guides. 
Our Jigs are built tough and designed to withstand abuse from hard fighting Salmon and Steelhead day after day.
Our commitment is to provide anglers with the finest Jigs available and create new innovative designs that benefit our customers.

Bent Rods Jigs- Creating Confidence! 


Bent Rods proudly uses Lamiglas Rods

BC Fishing Video
B.C. Fishing Video Clips

In our video clips section we have compiled a number of short movies that represent the exciting fishing adventures that Bent Rods provides for our clients.

These BC fishing clips are of Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Trout- all filmed in the Fraser Valley and Southern Interior of British Columbia.

The Fishing clips section will hopefully inspire you to join us for a fantastic BC guided fishing vacation or plan one on your own.

This is just a taste of what BC Fishing has to offer!

British Columbia Guided Fishing Trips
British Columbia Guided Fishing Trips...
What's Happening!

As the seasons change so do our guided British Columbia Fishing trips.

Inside this page you will find what species we are currently fishing for in the Fraser River Valley.
This section is designed to accurately help our clients plan the perfect BC angling vacation!



Sturgeon Fishing BC
Sturgeon Fishing

The White Sturgeon of the Fraser River are without a doubt, as strong as any fish on our planet!  Present 12 months of the year in the Fraser Valley, our professional Sturgeon guides target them from March until mid December.  Brace yourself and hold on tight once you are hooked up to one of the great wonders of the angling world- the mighty Fraser River White Sturgeon.



Salmon Fishing BC
Salmon Fishing

The Fraser River is widely accepted as the world's greatest Salmon river!  Pacific Salmon return to its waters from March until December every year. Five species of Pacific Salmon are found in the Fraser River Valley, and Bent Rods guides are experts at helping anglers catch them!  In this section you can learn more about the 5 species of Salmon we guide for- including their return timing to the Fraser River.

Steelhead Fishing BC
Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead are the ocean going version of the rainbow Trout. These superb sport fish are present in our local waters 12 months of the year.  Bent Rods Guiding provides trips for Steelhead during the top producing months and on a large number of Rivers, from remote streams to the world famous Chilliwack/Vedder River.  Our professional Steelhead Guides are experts at both gear and fly angling for Steelhead.  Come learn more about our guided BC Steelhead trips!

Trout Fishing BC
Trout Fishing

Trout fishing in the Fraser Valley and surrounding areas can be spectacular at times and Bent Rods offers guided trips for the many species of trout and Char to be found here.

 Rainbow trout, Cutthroat trout, Dolly Varden and the larger Bull trout can all be found in the Fraser River Valley, Southern Interior and Squamish River areas. Our team of professional guides are Trout fishing experts and can provide great adventures to the excellent Trout producing Rivers and lakes in our region of BC  From enormous glacier fed lakes, pristine and remote jet boat access rivers to High Country insect filled lakes,

Our guides can provide a spectacular adventure.

Salmon Jigs & Steelhead Jigs
Bent Rods Steelhead Jigs & Salmon Jigs

The use of jigs for catching fish dates back hundreds of years. Some people consider jigs a lure for bass or panfish, but in recent years a growing number of anglers have found jigs are a truly great lure for catching Salmon and Steelhead. Bent Rods Guiding is proud to make available our top quality Salmon and Steelhead jigs, hand tied right here in beautiful British Columbia. Our jigs are tied on Gamakatsu hooks using only the finest materials available. Our Salmon and Steelhead jigs are designed and tested by professional BC Fishing Guides and meet the high standards required by professional anglers.

British Columbia Fishing Reports
British Columbia
Fraser Valley Fishing Reports

Current Fishing reports for the Fraser River Valley of British Columbia.  Come inside and view updated Fishing reports from our team of BC fishing guides.  Bent Rods is on the water 365 days a year and take pride in providing our clients and readers with accurate Fraser Valley and Southern Interior Fishing Reports.  Our goal is to help anglers plan a successful trip to our region whether they are Fishing with our BC Fishing Guides or fishing on their own.  Check out our BC Fishing reports before all your trips to the region!

British Columbia Fishing Articles
British Columbia
Fishing Articles

In our articles section you will find interesting and informative editorials written by our BC Fishing Guides. We hope you find our articles section interesting and useful to your future BC Fishing adventures.

Reading a well written article about a select fishery or successful technique can often inspire us to get out on the water and enjoy the great pastime that is sport fishing!

We will be constantly updating our BC Fishing articles section with new and exciting editorials.  We encourage anglers to submit your own articles to us and we may add them to this section.

Salmon Jigs & Steelhead Jigs- Featured
Salmon & Steelhead
Jig of the Month

Bent Rods Guiding uses Salmon and Steelhead Jigs all year to catch the varying species of these fish that return to our rivers. 
In the Jig of the month section you will find the style and patterns of Jigs we are using during each month of the year in the Fraser Valley.
Bent Rods is constantly experimenting with new styles of jigs and we will also add any new Salmon and Steelhead jig creations that are working well.

fly fishing bc
The Fraser Valley-
A Fly Fishers Paradise

The Fraser Valley of British Columbia is world renowned for its lush forests and beautiful scenery, but for the fly fisherman there is so much more. The biggest dilemma for the Fly Fisher in the Fraser Valley is finding time to tie flies, as opportunities exist 365 days a year in this Fly Fishing Paradise.  This article breaks down the various Fraser Valley Fly Fishing opportunities available throughout the year.


Fraser River Valley- A Year Round Fishery
The Fraser River Valley-
A Year Round Fishery!

The Fraser River Valley and Southern Interior of British Columbia are truly year round fishing destinations.
Bent Rods Fishing Guides angle the waters of our region 365 days a year and provide exciting fishing adventures during every month.
The article inside gives a month by month description of the Guided BC Fishing trips available to anglers living or visiting the Fraser River Valley and surrounding regions.

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